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Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquets

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The legendary Pure Aero is back in a more precise, stable and spin friendly racquet than ever before.
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Pure Aero

Babolat has updated the Pure Aero for 2019 making it the fastest, most powerful and spin-friendly Pure Aero ever. The most noticeable change for this Pure Aero update is the frame's Aeromodular technology. Our play testers swear that this racquet moves faster through the air than any previous Pure Aero. Faster head speed potential means that this Aero is capable of improving your spin game.  

Detailed Technological Updates:

The Pure Aero has been engineered with Cortex Pure Feel. Cortex Pure Feel gives the Pure Aero better vibration dampening by adding SMAC(we believe it to be SMACWRAP) by Groupe MontBlanc Technologies. SMAC adds flexibility to composite materials(which tend to be stiff and brittle), better torsional stability and comfort. To learn more about SMAC, SMACWRAP and Groupe MonteBlanc Technologies click here!

Babolat has also updated its FSI Spin (Frame String Interaction) technology in the new Pure Aero, which means wider spacing between cross strings 5-12 for greater ball bite. FSI Spin incorporates oblong shaped grommets for greater string snap-back(more spin) and RPM's.

Babolat has introduced the Carbon-Ply (C-PLY™) Stabilizer in the throat of this new Pure Aero. In a partnership with Chomarat Industries, C-PLY adds stability, craftsmanship and precision to every racquet. C-PLY is a range of multi-axial carbon reinforcements added to the carbon composition with a "gap free technology". This gap free technology means no gaps between layers of carbon composite and no resin rich areas. This tech. translates to a more stable, solid and consistent transfer of energy from the racquet to the ball. Click here to learn more about C-PLY and Chomarat Industries.

On the court(tested with full bed of RPM at 57 lbs):

This Pure Aero update is just as strong as the previous Pure Aeros, but with better aerodynamics on the topspin forehand and serve. The solidity & stability of the racquet have never been better thanks to the C-PLY Stabilizer and SMAC tech incorporated into the throat and head. Our play testers agreed that the racquet has only been slightly dampened and that the dampening technology was not "overdone". The power coming off the racquet is as good as it gets, perhaps more powerful than the previous version. The serve felt similar to the previous Aero, with the exception of some help with vibration dampening on the service impact

The new Pure Aero remains a base-liners best friend. Built for speed, power and spin, the new Pure Aero does not disappoint. Babolat's improvements leave nothing to the imagination and all Aero fans will be delighted to take advantage of the new capabilities of this racquet.

At 100 sq. in. & 10.6 oz., the new Pure Aero comes with great power. The baseline player will have no trouble hitting deeper shots and getting the ball to drop down hard & fast.

Headsize 100 sq. in.
Length 685 mm / 27 in 
Weight Unstrung 10.6 oz. / 300 grams
Unstrung Balance 7 Points HL
Stringing Pattern 16x19
Flexibility 67 RA
Composite Graphite
Strung/Unstrung Black and Yellow


J John Campbell 21-01-2019

This racquet is by far my favorite Pure Aero ever. The speed, power and spin are by far the best yet. A great upgrade to make from previous versions. I use RPM (like everyone else:)).