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ERNE Pickleball Paddle Boogieboard

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Superior Spin. The Erne Paddle's textured surface is made with a gritty fiberglass surface. It was intentionally designed to generate spin for nasty top-spin serves and deadly, cutting returns.

Explosive Pop. The Erne Paddle packs as much punch as we could squeeze into a middleweight paddle (7.9 oz). It's balanced in a way that hits hard but feels light. With the power to bury high balls easily and the speed to reach anything, you'll be daring your opponents to challenge you in a hands battle.

Greater Reach. At 16.5 inches, the Erne Paddle reaches as far as the longest Selkirk and Franklin paddles without compromising total surface area. Your opponents will feel like the kitchen is shrinking. Prepare to poach once unattackable balls (and hit more ernes, of course). 

Longer + Thicker Handle. Our slightly thicker (4.5" circumference) octagonal grip feels snug in the hand, allowing you to retain control of the paddle and place shots with precision. The 5.25" handle allows ample room for a two-handed backhand (or taking your partner's balls).

The Sweet Spot. The area surrounding the Ernehead logo is a cushion-like sweet spot, perfect for slowing down attacks and dropping a buttery third shot into the kitchen.

Paddle Specifications:

• Fiberglass surface, honeycomb polypropylene core

• 16.5 in. long X 7.5 in. wide x 13mm thick

• Weight: 7.9 oz. 

• Handle: 5.25 in. long, 4.6  in. circumference

• Paddle core infused with shards of Big Z's final surfboard before he faked his own death