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Head Radical Tour L Pickleball Paddle

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The Head Radical Tour L Pickleball paddle is lightweight, powerful and comes with a little extra reach for players in need of maneuverability.


The Radical Tour L comes with easy power and manueverability thanks to its light weight and extra range. The paddles textured surface grabs the ball helping add spin to every hit. The paddle also comes with a graphite/carbon hitting surface that gives players extra feel. 


Radical Tour L Graphite Paddle
Weight Average: 8.0 ounces
Weight Range: 7.8 - 8.2 ounces
Grip Circumference: 4 1/4" (Medium) Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8".
Grip Length: 5”
Paddle Length: 16”
Paddle Width: 7 7/8”
Paddle Face: Graphite/Carbon
Core Material: Polymer Honeycomb
Edge Guard: ¼” overlapping paddle face