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Babolat Pure Aero Tour Tennis Racquet

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The Babolat Pure Aero Tour is back and better than ever. It's more aerodynamic, stable and playable than ever before.
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Pure Aero Tour

The Babolat Pure Aero Tour is back and more aerodynamic than ever before. Babolat has changed the Pure Aero Tour's aerodynamic to make a noticeably faster racquet. This higher head speed means higher spin potential for you. Babolat has also introduced the Carbon-Ply (C-PLY™) Stabilizer in the throat of the Pure Aero Tour for greater torsional stability. The C-Ply Stablizer helps keep the racquet from twisting on off-center hits which would normally take more energy away from the ball. The Pure Aero Tour is perhaps the most stable baseline racquet ever made.

Babolat has also included SMAC to the graphite which adds torsional stability and comfort to the racquet. They have also updated Babolat's FSI Spin Technology. There is now wider spacing between the cross strings(5-12) for better ball bite and spin. FSI Spin incorporates oblong shaped grommets for greater string snap-back(more spin) and RPM's. 

On the playtest this Pure Aero Tour performed just as powerful as previous versions. However, the aerodynamic improvements were felt by all, especially on the forehand. The solidity & stability translated to the intense power the Pure Aero line is known for. The serve arm-impact was helped by the vibration dampening of this new frame. 

The new Pure Aero Tour is a base-liners best friend. The Tour is build for plow-through, spin and stability. All Aero fans will appreciate the greater string spacing and better aerodynamics. At 100 sq. in. & 11.6 ounces the Pure Aero Tour has all the stability, power and spin needed to take the pros to the grand slams. One of our favorite and most highly recommended racquets for those capable of handling the high weight.

Headsize 100 sq. in.
Length 685 mm / 27 in 
Weight Strung 11.8 oz / 334 g
Beam Width 23-26-23
Stringing Pattern 16x19
Flexibility 68 RA
Composite Graphite / SMAC / C-PLY