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A new addition to the range, the Pure Aero Tour is also the heaviest racket in the Pure Aero series. Weighing in at 315 g, it is a powerful but demanding racket, ideal for competitors and advanced players.
The Pure Aero Team is nearly identical to the Pure Aero but slightly lighter. A powerful frame with precision and great spin potential.
A great racquet for junior players as well as anyone looking for the lightest and easiest to handle racquet in the Pure Aero line. The Pure Aero Lite offers even better handling than the standard Pure Aero racquet or the Pure Aero Team.
The Pure Aero Plus is a half inch longer than the regular Pure Aero making this racquet slightly more powerful, especially on the serve.
The Pure Aero tennis racquet is the true spin machine. There is no other racquet with this optimal combination of power, spin and precision.
The Pure Aero VS Tour is for a very strong spin player who likes a heavy racquet and increased control from a thinner beam construction.
The Pure Aero VS is for a very strong spin player who craves big spin and increased control from a thinner beam construction.
A bit heavier at 315g, the Pure Drive Tour is extremely powerful. It's perfect for competitors who are physically and technically at the top of their game.
$195.00 $175.00
The Pure Strike 100 is a racquet that comes with a more traditional feel in a powrful 100 square inch head size.
The Pure Strike 98(16x19) brings a classic feel to a modern racquet with an open string pattern.
The Pure Strike Team is for the modern player looking for traditional feel in a lighter weight.

Babolat Tennis Racquets

Although Babolat tennis racquets are a somewhat "recent" addition to the company's 140 year old history, their racquets are some of the best in the world. Babolat tennis racquets, like the Pure Aero and Pure Drive, are currently the most popular used among performance racquets. Babolat has many top 100 professional tennis players using their racquets. Babolat's racquets have led many pros to win Master after Master and Major after Major. This truly is a testament to the quality of Babolat's manufacturing of tennis racquets.

Today, Babolat can be found in more than 100 countries, 20,000 sporting goods stores and 20,000 partner clubs. Babolat offers a complete range of products for tennis players, with a tennis racquet to suit every style of play.

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