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This ultra-thin grip allows players to really feel the bevels of the handle. The extra precision it offers makes it the grip of choice for professional players. It's so thin that grip size goes down half a size.
Back to the original colour. 100% real leather grip. Very thin for optimal feel. Used on the Tour by Team Babolat players.
This one provides a feel so perfect, you can actually feel the edges of the handle. Made of 100% authentic leather, the LEATHER TOUR replacement grip is perfect for players who need a direct feel of their racquet for ultimate touch and control.
The twin-channel system provides ultimate comfort and air flow, while the high-tack elastomer surface ensures a firm grip. Extra large perforations for enhanced sweat absorption.
Balanced feel, added moisture absorption, amplified traction and reduces overall racket weight and grip size build up.
Ultra-light, super-thin replacement grip.
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