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Latitude Composite Pickleball paddles are budget-friendly, lightweight and powerful paddles that come with Selkirk quality.
The best pickleball paddle cover on the market. Ensure your paddle stays clean and protected with the Selkirk pickleball single cover.
One of the industries most popular paddles, the Bantam EX-L is powerful, precise and surprisingly quiet.
The Tour Pro Paddle from Wilson is a heavier option that allows players to get more pop and reactivity in every hit. The fiberglass face and light texture (USAPA-approved) create additional spin so that you can keep opponents on their toes. The polymer co
The Gamma Pin pickleball paddle comes with a textured and elongated face for extra power and spin.
The PRIME S2 is the ultimate Pickleball player’s paddle. With a slightly shorter handle and longer face compared to the Epic, the S2 shape boasts the largest sweet spot and surface area of all our paddle shapes. Durable, well-balanced, and impactful, the
Selkirks AMPED Omni X5 pickleball paddle comes with FiberFlex technology which increases ball dwell time allowing for greater control.
The Head Radical Tour L Pickleball paddle is lightweight, powerful and comes with a little extra reach for players in need of maneuverability.
Selkirks PRIME Epic X4 pickleball paddle comes with greater feel and comfort thanks to FiberFlex technology.
The Head Radical Pro Pickleball Paddle comes with good value and performance thanks to its solidity, comfort and precision.
TRU32 sets a new standard for true pickleball performance thanks to two defining characteristics: hole pattern and composition. Featuring a patented 32-hole design with even distribution, this ball rotates evenly on any axis for superior flight and bounce
AMPED Epic X5 Pickleball paddles come highly recommended by our team. AMPED paddles come with FiberFlex for added comfort and precision.
Gamma's heaviest paddle line, the Atomic Pickleball paddle is powerful, comes with all the plow-through you need and is ultra-stable.
Keep your head warm with the Skull Cap Beanie!
Hit every shot with confidence using the Franklin Christine McGrath Signature Pickleball Paddle. Made with a MaxGrit surface coating to achieve maximum spin, while dampening vibration for precise returns, you’ll conquer the courts whether you’re inside or
Franklin Sports is raising the bar for Pickleball paddles everywhere with the introduction of our all new Aspen Kern Centre Pickleball Paddle.
Official Pickleball Paddle of Ben Johns Franklin Sports is raising the bar for Pickleball paddles everywhere with the introduction of our all new Ben Johns Signature Pickleball Paddle.
This paddle is constructed with an energetic 6mm thick Polypropylene core that is ready to take down your opponents.
Just slip your hand into this durable Mitt and insert the racquet handle through the narrow opening and grasp. Makes playing in cold weather tolerable without hindering hand movement.
Outdoor Pickleballs are slightly larger than Indoor and have 40 small holes.
Tourna Outdoor Pickleball 3 pack balls come in optic yellow and are USAPA approved. Engineered with durable plastic ensuring consistency in a tournament setting.
Surge Pro pickleball paddles come with some of Wilsons top technologies. The soft polymer core allows for better paddle-ball dwell time giving you greater control.
With bold graphics and crisp new colors, the new 2020 AMPED has taken the AMPED paddle that you know and love and has brought it to its new style and design.
The Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle is a budget-friendly, composite paddle which comes with power, comfort and control.
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