Pure Drive

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The Babolat Pure Drive is back for 2021 with the same dependability for power and spin as before but with a few key improvements.
Show off your patriotism with the Babolat Pure Drive Stars & Stripes tennis racquet. The Pure Drive is one of the most popular racquets ever thanks to its excellent blend of power, control and spin.
The Pure Drive VS has blended the power and spin of the Pure Drive line, with a more flexible and precise 98 square inch head-sized frame.
BUY 2 OR MORE FOR $209 EACH. The Babolat Pure Drive Tour is the heaviest racquet in the Pure Drive line. This advanced level racquet is capable of huge spin and power.
The Babolat Pure Drive 110 contains Cortex Pure Feel adding extra feel and dampening to every tennis stroke. The Pure Drive tennis racket is a world best seller.
The Pure Drive 107 is a lightweight and powerful racquet. An excellent option for those looking for easier power.
The Babolat Pure Drive Plus is a half inch longer than the regular Pure Drive making this racquet even more powerful, especially on the serve.
The Babolat Pure Drive Team is a lighter version of the regular Pure Drive. It offers players similar power, spin and control in a lighter frame.
The Babolat Pure Drive Lite is the lightest in the Pure Drive series. It offers some of the same power, spin and control as its bigger brothers but without some of the weight.
The Babolat Pure Drive has become one of the world's best selling racquets and loved by tens of thousands of players around the world. A versatile, powerful and spin friendly racquet.

Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet Series

The Babolat Pure Drive tennis racquet line has been a world-wide best seller for over a decade. One of the most popular racquets on the pro tour, the Pure Drive comes with all-court power, spin and stability. This base line friendly racquet comes with Babolat's (and the tennis industry's) top technologies.

The current Pure Drive comes with increased main string spacing for more spin than ever before. Babolat has also given this racquet shaped grommets in order to provide even more spin than the previous version. The racquet also comes with an updated Cortex Pure Feel technology powered by SMAC. SMAC is a material engineered by an Aerospace company which Babolat has incorporated into the frame for excellent vibration dampening.

There are several other large tennis racquet manufacturers who have tried to copy the Pure Drive in recent years. The copy cats are also blue, usually. None of the other companies have been able to reproduce the results that this racquet produces. 

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