Pickleball Paddles

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Selkirks PRIME Epic X4 pickleball paddle comes with greater feel and comfort thanks to FiberFlex technology.
The PRIME S2 is the ultimate Pickleball player’s paddle. With a slightly shorter handle and longer face compared to the Epic, the S2 shape boasts the largest sweet spot and surface area of all our paddle shapes. Durable, well-balanced, and impactful, the
Fresh NEW look with Bold and stylish new colors for 2021
Babolat RNGD Touch and Power pickleball paddles come with two different weights for maximum precision, plow-through and versatility.
Franklin Sports is raising the bar for Pickleball paddles everywhere with the introduction of our all new Aspen Kern Centre Pickleball Paddle.
AMPED Epic X5 Pickleball paddles come highly recommended by our team. AMPED paddles come with FiberFlex for added comfort and precision.
The best pickleball paddle cover on the market. Ensure your paddle stays clean and protected with the Selkirk pickleball single cover.
Wilson's first polymer core pickleball paddle ever, the Profile gives you budget-friendliness while still providing great technology.
Surge Pro pickleball paddles come with some of Wilsons top technologies. The soft polymer core allows for better paddle-ball dwell time giving you greater control.
Selkirks AMPED Omni X5 pickleball paddle comes with FiberFlex technology which increases ball dwell time allowing for greater control.
With bold graphics and crisp new colors, the new 2020 AMPED has taken the AMPED paddle that you know and love and has brought it to its new style and design.
Massive sweetspot shape and distinctive flip color design.
The SLK Atlas Graphite Control Widebody Paddle provides great quality at a reasonable price point.
The Babolat RBEL Touch and Power pickleball paddles come with a great combination of both feel and dampening.
Official Pickleball Paddle of Ben Johns Franklin Sports is raising the bar for Pickleball paddles everywhere with the introduction of our all new Ben Johns Signature Pickleball Paddle.
The Head Radical Pro Pickleball Paddle comes with good value and performance thanks to its solidity, comfort and precision.
Take your game to the next level!

TennisTopia stocks all the top Pickleball brands such as Selkirk, Gamma, Wilson, Head and more. 

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