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With a lighter weight (285g) than the standard Pure Drive, the Pure Drive Team Wimbledon offers maneuverability and explosive power. Your opponents will no doubt call it “an unfair advantage.”
BUY 2 OR MORE FOR $249 EACH. Babolat updates the Pure Aero VS tennis racquet giving this edition an excellent blend of power, precision and spin.
The Babolat Pure Drive is back for 2021 with the same dependability for power and spin as before but with a few key improvements.
Incredibly elegant, this new RH6 sports the famous WIMBLEDON colors!
The Babolat Pure Strike 98 (16x19) 3rd. gen. comes with greater feel and precision than ever before. C² Pure Feel adds greater feel through its vibration dampening SMAC technology.
For optimal spin!
A lighter racquet for better maneuverability.
The Aero G comes with full graphite construction and a frame designed after the renowned Pure Aero series. The Aero G is a comes with some of Babolat's best engineering included.
The Babolat Pure Aero Plus has come back with more stability, power and spin than ever before.
The Babolat Pure Black RH6 tennis bag comes with enough space, durability and functionality to ensure you stay organized and ready for your next match.
The Pure Aero Lite comes back upgraded with greater stability, dampening and precision than ever before.
The Pure Drive VS has blended the power and spin of the Pure Drive line, with a more flexible and precise 98 square inch head-sized frame.
Flexible enough so you can stuff it down and pack it up inside it’s own top flap pocket for storage
The RH6 EVO gives you freedom and versatility, adapting to whatever your day demands.
The Essential Club 3 pack tennis bag (yellow, black) is a great option for those in need of enough storage space and functionality to hold all their tennis essentials.
The Babolat Jet Mach Tere men's tennis shoes are built for speed above all else. These shoes come with perhaps the best court feel of any shoe on the market.
The SFX3 all court women's tennis shoes comes with a comfortable collar, soft fabrics and breathable design.
The Racket Holder x9 tennis bag is capable of carrying up to 9 racquets: 2 compartments, 1 of which is insulated to maintain string tension.
Large openings for better access.
A pocket with a hard shell to protect fragile valuables.
Padded backpack str
The Jet Mach 3 is the ultimate weapon to get you faster to the ball.
The Babolat RH Team Padel bag features three main compartments and two side pockets that protect and organize all your gear.
You’ve got fast hands, viral-video-highlight-worthy control, and need a performance paddle that can keep up. Engineered for maneuverability and feel, the Babolat MNSTR Touch just might be as sharp as your game.
100% graphite construction.
Great new bag
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