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The Graphene Touch Prestige Mid delivers the ultimate precision the Prestige line is known for and combines a small head size with high weight for an advanced player's racquet.
Head's revolutionary shoe adds SuperFabric technology to give you an extremely durable shoe without the weight.
The Graphene 360 Extreme Pro is an intermediate/advanced level, ultra-spin-friendly tennis racquet with a budget friendly price tag.

Pre-sale: 10/25/18
Ships: 11/8/18
The Graphene 360 Extreme MP is a powerful, maneuverable and spin-inducing racquet. This racquet is great for beginners and intermediate level players looking for a budget friendly spin racquet.

Pre-sale: 10/25/18
Ship date: 11/8/18
The Graphene Touch Prestige Pro is a control oriented racquet with an open string pattern engineered for precision and spin.
The Graphene Touch Prestige Tour is the lightest and most powerful of the Prestige series. A 99 sq. in. head size and 10.8 oz frame make this possible.
The Head Graphene 360 Speed Lite is a excellent lightweight racquet for beginner, junior or older player.
The Graphene Touch Radical MP is a whippy and quick stick capable of generating amazing spin.
The Graphene Touch Radical Pro is versatile and geared towards the all-court player. This racquet has excellent power, spin and control.
The PWR Radical is the perfect versatile racquet for the serious, mature high-level player who is home on the baseline as much as at the net. It features the innovative adaptive string pattern (ASP) technology, which allows players to choose between a pow
$189.95 $139.95
The Graphene XT MPA uses an Adaptive String Pattern(ASP) technology allowing you to switch between a 16x19 and 18x20 depending on your needs
$199.95 $159.95
The Graphene 360 Extreme Lite is a lightweight and spin-friendly racquet. An excellent option for beginners and "adult racquet ready" juniors looking for a spin racquet.

Pre-sale: 10/25/18 - All racquets bought during presale are strung day of shipment
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