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The Gamma Shockbuster 2 is perhaps the most shock-absorbing dampener on the market.
The Gamma Shockbuster is one of the most effective dampeners ever created. This classic worm-style dampeners comes in a variety of colors. Highly recommended for tennis elbow.
The Gamma Tacky Towel Grip Enhancer won't stain, is non-toxic, helps repel moisture and doesn't leave your hands feeling sticky.
The Gamma Pin pickleball paddle comes with a textured and elongated face for extra power and spin.
This cotton based headband is highly absorbent, evaporative and whicking. Comfortably soft and easy to wash and dry.
Gamma's heaviest paddle line, the Atomic Pickleball paddle is powerful, comes with all the plow-through you need and is ultra-stable.
Gamma's rosin bag has been proven to help keep hands feeling dry and tacky.
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