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Wilson Sensation is one of the softest multifilament strings on the market. Highly recommended by our staff for tennis elbow, injuries and overall comfort.
16&17 Gauge Selection.

• Comfort + Power
• Nylon fibers
• Reduced vibrations
Wilson NXT is the most popular multifilamen in the world. An excellent combination of comfort and feel. Comes with durability enhancing core fibers.
16&17 Gauge Selection.

• Comfort + Feel
• Proprietary Xycro Micro Fibers
Wilson's best selling overgrip in economical packs of 12, 30 and 50 so you never fun out of overgrips on the court.
The Pro Staff 97 v13 comes back with the dependability, precision, and feel the Pro Staff line is known for.
The Pro Staff RF97 comes with back all of Federer's same specs, precision and feel. Updated for increased feel, ball-pocketing and stability.
The Wilson Blade 98 (16x19) v7 tennis racquet goes back to its roots with a crisp and classic feel that player's frames are known for. FeelFlex has been added for even more comfort, feel and flexibility.
The Wilson Clash 100L tennis racquet is great for players looking for a lightweight racquet that has an excellent blend of control and power.
The Pro Staff 97L v13 comes with precision and feel similar to Roger's racquet in a more accessible and lightweight version.
Pre-sale: 9/21
Launch: 9/28
The Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 is a highly durable, stable and comfortable shoe capable of going the distance.
The Wilson Clash 100 Tour is the most flexible racquet on the market today. It also is as stable as any other racquet on the market today. A player's frame like no other racquet before it.
US Open racquets are a great tool for our younger players looking to play from an early age. Free 10 & under ball included!
The Blade 98L comes with excellent control in a 10.1 ounce (unstrung) racquet. The 16x19 open string pattern helps deliver spin on every shot.
$199.00 $179.00
The Wilson US Open 3 pack tennis bag is a simplistic, classical, budget-friendly bag capable of storing up to 3 tennis racquets total.
The Wilson Kaos 3.0 in white/blue is a great mid-range shoe that comes lightweight, breathable and comfortable.
The Blade 98S brings you a open string pattern of 18x16 for greater spin in a lighter(10.4 oz.), control oriented racquet.
$219.00 $199.00
The Serena Williams Blade 102 tennis racquet is a powerful and precise racquet. This racquet is elongated and has a very head light balance.
Featuring new Sensifeel technology, the Rush Pro 2.5 becomes more comfortable than before without compromising the stability that creates explosive speed.
Wilson's Synthetic Gut Power is a powerful and durable synthetic gut for overall playability. Comes with good feel.
16 & 17 Gauge Selection.

• Power + Durability
• Solid core, nylon string
The Hyper Hammer 5.3 is for those seeking extra power or who enjoy a heavy-hitting style, the Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 tennis racquet has an oversized head and a head heavy balance point.
The Ultra 100 v3 tennis racquet comes with power, stability and great topspin potential. The Ultra is Wilson's most powerful, baseline-friendly racquet.
Wilson's first polymer core pickleball paddle ever, the Profile gives you budget-friendliness while still providing great technology.
The Wilson Clash 100UL is a highly flexible, lightweight and whippy. The Clash line has made its fame thanks to being the most flexible carbon composite frame ever created.
The Blade SW104 Autograph v7 is here and retains all it's best characteristics. The v7 SW104 comes with an all new paint job and remains as solid, powerful and precise as before.
The Wilson Super Tour 3 comp Blade tennis 12-pack bag is big enough to carry everything you'll ever need to and from the tennis courts.
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