Head Gravity Tennis Racquets - Full Review

Head Gravity Tennis Racquets - Full Review

Head Gravity Tennis Racquets Full Review: Powerful, Flexible and Spin-Friendly


THE GOOD | Gravity tennis racquets come with a big sweet spot, spin, stability and a solid feel. The teardrop-shaped head moves the sweet spot slightly away from the tennis player for even more power potential. The Gravity's flexibility helps make every shot arm-friendly, even on bigger hits with harder strings. Graphene 360+ brings the benefits of dampening and flexibility to a modern player's frame.


THE BAD | The teardrop-shaped head may take some time to get used to (2 of 3 playtesters noted this). The sweet spot being slightly further from the player ensures the racquet's owner needs to adjust, something tennis players are notoriously unwilling to do. 


THE BASE LINE | Head has created a racquet line capable of lasting the test of time thanks to the Gravity's slew of innovations. From the flexibility and solidity to the enhanced sweet spot, the Gravity might create a following with younger players (who tend to hit higher up on the frame) and anyone looking for a new style of weapon.



Head Gravity Racquets 4.3 out of 5 stars rating review


Overall Rating: 4.3/5 Stars 

Power: 4.0/5

Control: 4.1/5

Feel: 4.6/5

Spin: 4.3/5

Stability: 4.6/5

Flexibility: 4.5/5

Note: Rating and review based on the Gravity MP and Gravity Pro models.



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Head Gravity MP Pro Tennis Racquet side view



Note: Our focus in this Gravity line review will be the Gravity Pro and the Gravity MP racquets. We won't be doing a post about the lighter models unless we receive enough inquiries.


The Gravity line gives you Head's old school feel in a modern player's-frame-style racquet. Spin, pop, comfort and feel are the Gravity's strong points. The teardrop-shaped head ensures an enlarged sweet spot which helps fight against mis-hits. The racquet's enlarged sweet spot also helps ensure the necessary pop you'll need with this thin-beamed stick (20 mm & 22 mm for the Pro & MP, respectively). The racquet comes with good spin and the racquets feel and comfort are great, even on more aggressive hits.



 Head Gravity Tennis racquets mp and pro zoomed in view



Graphene 360+ is Head's latest rendition of their dampening/solidifying technology in conjunction with the all-new Spiralfibers technology. Graphene 360 helps ensure not only the solidity you want but helps keep things comfortable on serves and harder hits. Graphene has been added to the 12, 3 and 9 o'clock positions as well as the throat to help stave off unwanted vibrations on impact.

The Gravity comes with Head's brand new Spiralfiber technology. This technology incorporates innovative fibers that are woven in spirals at the base of the racquet's head for increased flexibility and feel.



 Head Gravity MP Tennis Racquet Pro Front



Right off the bat we felt the different feel that the Gravity brings. Old school Head fans will love the feel of this teardrop shaped racquet. The teardrop, Graphene 360, spiral fibers and whatever else Head did, does give a feel more akin to Head's 90s and early 2000s frames. The racquet felt solid, crisp, comfortable and soft all over the court. On serves and on harder hits the racquet really felt great and no one had complaints about impact shock (even from our more sensitive players).

The enlarged sweet spot was easily noticeable and confirmed not to be just marketing hype. The teardrop moves the sweet spot slightly higher up on the head (1-2 inches), which will really be appreciated by those who automatically tend to hit higher. Those who hit the string bed in the center may need to spend some time adjusting, one of our testers had slight issues trying to adjust. However, the larger sweet spot did help keep mis-hits to more of a minimum.




The Gravity MP and Pro racquets have incorrect balance specs written on the racquets. You may find differing values on other sites and on Head's official site but the balance points are pretty easy for anyone to validate our values. This isn't the first time that Head's balance points are incorrectly stated on their frames.



Head Gravity: Key Specs


  Gravity Pro Gravity MP
Headsize 100 sq. in. 100 sq. in.
Length 27 in. 27 in.
Unstrung Weight 11.1 oz / 310 g 10.4 oz / 295 g
Strung Weight 11.8 oz / 334g 11 oz / 319 g
Swingweight Strung 336 313
Flex - Strung(RDC) 63 63


7 pts HL / 32.3 cm 2 pts HL / 33.5 cm
Strung Balance 5 pts HL / 32.7 cm Even / 34.3 cm
String Pattern 18x20 16x20
Tension Range 48-57 lbs 48-57 lbs
U.S. Price $229 $219
Color Black, Teal and Hot Salmon Black, Teal and Hot Salmon


  1. JC @ Tennis-Bargains.com JC @ Tennis-Bargains.com

    I demo'ed both the Prestige MP and the Gravity Pro. I liked the Gravity with the larger sweet spot and overall plow-through with the 330 SW. It is the closest model to the old Head LM Instinct which was also a closed-pattern 100 sq inch frame that was discontinued for years. I am very happy with the choice and got a chance to test it against 20 other rackets. https://www.tennis-bargains.com/2021/02/2021-tennis-racquet-reviews-for-35-45.html

  2. Pablo Zalduondo Pablo Zalduondo


    The Prestige MP i actually have been almost exclusively playing with since it came out. I absolutely love it, when i dont hate it. It can be unforgiving. However, it's super fllexible, precise like nothing else and has excellent feel. It also is pretty whippy for its weight. The Gravity is probably much more forgiving not only because of the head size but the inverted tear drop shape (making the sweet spot a bit larger). You could consider test hitting the MP but as the industry shows in most of the base models of all the popular racquet lines, 100sq. in. is where most people end up comfortable.

  3. Will Will

    I recently acquired a Head Gravity Pro, and was wondering how the 2020 version (new moulding) of the Head Prestige MP compared to it. From the specs it seems they are nearly identical except for the Gravity Pro having 2 more square inches in the head size. My tournament racket has been a Dunlop Revelation Mid Tour, which afforded me power, vibration dampening (special tech), and control. I have a 2018 Prestige Pro, which is supposed to be all about precision and control, but compared to my Revelation the "control" on it seems to be all over the place. Shots hit too close to one edge of the frame seem to fly out on a different angle, making it the opposite of a control racket unless you're hitting the sweet spot every time.
    I am happy with my choice in the Gravity Pro, but I guess I want to make sure I'm not missing out on even greater usable control with the new 2020 Prestige MP (rated a 200 on Head's scale between control and power...just like the Gravity Pro).

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